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Ignite Change offers space for teachers and learners
to discover more about human rights and
to collaborate on real-world ideas.

Unless otherwise specified, sessions and events are online. Participants will receive an access code for their registered sessions.

Click here for a downloadable information sheet.

Scroll to the page bottom to find the Teacher's Registration Form. Educators can register for all sessions for FREE.

This program is funded by Canadian Heritage and the Edmonton Community Foundation 

Professional Development

Specialized teacher sessions designed to
empower educators with the knowledge and tools
to foster human rights education in the classroom.

December 1 (Friday)

11:00 am MST

Just Because We're Small Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Stand Tall: A Child and Youth Rights Movement

Jess Raby, First Nations Child and Family Caring Society; and Lisa Howell, University of Ottawa

Children and youth have the right to participate in matters that affect them, including reconciliation. The Spirit Bear Virtual School provides resources to engage students of all ages in learning and action to end discrimination and ensure equity for First Nations children and youth. The implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action requires a social justice approach to reconciliation.

1:45 pm MST

Land Acknowledgement Workshop Rekindle relationships with lands and waters, and create a sense of belonging for your students. Join respected educator Dr. Sharla Mskokii Peltier to learn about and create land acknowledgement bundles, and grow your ways of knowing, appreciating, and teaching Indigenous knowledge within multicultural classrooms.

December 4 (Monday)

2:00 pm MST

Confronting Ableism in Education

A session to break down barriers to inclusion of people living with disabilities in classrooms.

December 2 (Saturday)

2:00 pm MST

Pass the Mic: Let’s Talk about Racism

This session will help equip teachers with the tools to engage in important conversations about racism and becoming anti-racist.

December 5 (Tuesday)

2:00 pm MST

Anti-Oppression in the Compassionate Classroom

In this workshop, teachers will learn about the  fundamentals of anti-oppression work and its compatibility with current pedagogical approaches.  They will be equipped with an understanding of what may inhibit a marginalised student's success and positive experience, from the syllabus to the classroom setup. Teachers will be empowered to create safer spaces for student learning and encouraged to reflect on how their own identity and experiences impact learners.

December 3 (Sunday)

2:00 pm MST

Defining Moments: All for 9 and 9 for All Resources and tools available for students and teachers to learn about the 1872 Nine Hour Movement and induction of the Trade Unions Act as the start to a long history of Canadian worker activism.

December 10 (Sunday)

9:00 am MST

Keynote with Leslee Udwin

The Think Equal program is a program developed by neuroscientists to end discriminatory mindsets and cycles of violence and which helps develop healthy relationships. 

10:15 am MST

Human Rights Education as a Foundation for Transformative Change

Fundamentals in Human Rights Education - what it looks like and how to practise. 

10:45 am MST

Defining Moments Canada: Realizing the Pledge

How to use the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a springboard for learning about human rights, both in theory and in practice.

2:00 pm MST


DeleteHate is an education program designed for schools, staff, their support systems and the community as a whole. Our program focuses on the issues of diversity, inclusion and hate/bias. We provide valuable skill development and tools that can be put to use immediately. Anti Discrimination Response training is one of the areas of this workshop that will leave the participants feeling more confident and prepared to deal with some of the issues they may be faced with when witnessing forms of racism, hate and/or discrimination. DeleteHate is unique in its messaging and takes a proactive approach to tackle the root causes of behaviors that have an adverse effect on our community as a whole.

Sessions for
Teachers & Classrooms

Sessions for teachers to link into with their classes for a collaborative learning space.

Classroom sessions require only a single ticket purchase for in-class streaming.

December 1 (Friday)

2:00 - 3:30 pm MST

Bryce@100: The Career and Legacy of

Dr. Peter Henderson Bryce

This presentation showcases a Canadian public health official who fought to expose the atrocious conditions in Canada’s residential schools over 100 years ago.

December 5 (Tuesday)

1 pm MST

Where the Rivers Meet  

A youth workshop exploring the history of gender and sexual diversity pre-colonization, the impacts of colonization on that diversity, and hopeful imaginings for the future of Two-Spirit and Indigiqueer celebration.

December 6 (Wednesday)

12:30 pm MST 

Bystander Intervention to Stop Online Harassment: How to be an ally when you witness abuse online

In this session, participants will gain tools to intervene safely and effectively in online abuse using Right To Be’s 5Ds of bystander intervention.

Youth-Focused Sessions

Sessions by and for young people.

December 2 (Saturday)

IN PERSON in Edmonton; All Day Event

Youth Anti-Racism Day at Shiloh

Join us at the present location of the 1910-established Shiloh Baptist Church, this historic venue served as the sole welcoming gathering space and community center hub for Black newcomers and marginalized communities in Edmonton. In this open space, young individuals are invited to explore diverse aspects of racism and engage in dialogue. The intention is to create a learning space where they reflect, learn, connect, and actively contribute to the ongoing fight against racism while participating in the larger Ignite Change Human Rights Convention.

3:00 pm MST

Social Stride: Digital Literacy 105 Misinformation/Disinformation

Strengthen your understanding of how misinformation and disinformation manifest and spread online.

December 5 (Tuesday)

2:00 pm MST

Celebrating Queer Joy: 2STQLGBIA+ Youth Voices from Across Canada

With community builders from across Canada speaking to their lived experiences, this panel will seek to both look at what queer resilience means, and to go beyond survival, and explore what queer joy looks like in 2023.

December 7 (Thursday)

2:00 pm MST 

Jack Talks for Indigenous Youth

Hear from Indigenous young people about their experiences with mental health struggle, stigma, and the relationship between culture, community, and mental health. 

December 6 (Wednesday)

7:00 pm MST 

Youth Led Cypher at iHuman

A cypher is an event where youth come together to display their freestyle lyrical abilities, celebrating their creative freedom and self-expression. Participants take turns on the microphone, engaging in improvised rap and collaborations, all set to original beats produced in iHuman's music studios. This gathering is not just a performance, but a creative exchange, emphasizing the spontaneous and creative aspects of hip hop culture.

December 8 (Friday)

12:00 pm MST 

Youth Climate Club

Hear Utilize art and policy to address climate issues and engage students in creative ways regarding the environment and the roles they play in its protection.

How to Participate

To secure your spot in these engaging, no-cost teacher sessions and become part of a global initiative, visit the registration link below.

Empower your students to become champions of human rights and join us in igniting change for a more just and equitable world!

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