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Get Involved: Volunteer!

Are you interested in an incredible opportunity to be part of a human rights convention that will have global viewing and impact?

Perhaps you are looking for a fantastic way to utilize your existing experience and skills while gaining new experience in event support and logistics?

How would you like the chance to network with some of the most innovative experts working to advance human rights?

Here’s your chance.

The Ignite Change Global Convention is seeking volunteers to take on a number of roles leading up to and during the Convention. Check out some of the volunteer openings! --->

Registration and Attendee Management

-Conducting attendee session check-ins

-Providing session support (managing questions, noting attendance numbers)

-Managing online activities (facilitating world cafes, moderating Q&A sessions, roundtables & hangouts)

-Managing the Convention’s online store and exhibit spaces



-Recording and/or transcribing of speaker notes, as well as attendee and partner comments


Event Coordination & Logistics Support

-Planning and Coordination of in-person exhibits

-Communication via emails, phone, online and in-person meetings

-Liaising between partners in preparation for the exhibits

-Tracking attendance in sessions

-On-site Logistics

-Supporting partners manage, deliver and execute in-person events and activities

-Supporting and/or leading day-to-day volunteers if and when needed



-Helping with the gathering of data, photographs, or feedback during activities and at other designated times

-Disseminating post-session surveys to attendees 

-Analyzing post-session survey results

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Register to Volunteer here:

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